Solution Implementation

OpenERP is the fastest growing free & open-source business management solution. It is an integrated ERP architecture that optimizes work flow of an organization by bringing functions that were once housed with their own database such as financial, manufacturing, sales, purchases and warehouse management into a unified database that one can manage from a single point. OpenERP features include Accounting & Financial, Sales & Services, Procurement and Logistics Execution, Inventory management, Human Resource Management, Product development and Manufacturing, Reporting and Analytics, Corporate services. It's released under AGPL license. There are more than 350 modules available in OpenERP for various business verticals.

Our experience covers many sectors of the industry including, warehousing and logistics, job-costing and production control, financials, custom reports and graphical presentation of sales data and company KPI's. In today's complex, integrated and multi-faceted application environment, it is vital that a company’s key software components are communicating seamlessly. Polaris IT has good understanding of the latest technologies and experience in getting disparate applications talking to each other with the aim of streamlining your business processes.

Polaris IT uses following phases to ensure smooth implementation of OpenERP at your organization:

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Customization
  • Deployment
  • Integration
  • Support


Polaris IT provides OpenERP customization services to our clients. Our experienced technical and functional experts help you customize your OpenERP application according to your needs. From custom modules to unique business practices to troubleshooting performance issues, we have a solution for everything!

Our skills in following technologies ensure that native solutions are built according to your needs:

  • OpenERP MVC Framework
  • Python
  • Postgresql
  • Ubuntu